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Leona Long began her career at a Los Angeles public relations and marketing communications agency specializing in health. She learned the ins and outs of placing her clients’ stories into news by working at three Los Angeles television stations. As a lead writer for Long Beach Magazine, Long wrote cover stories about Cameron Diaz, Snoop Dogg and Billie Jean King. 

As the public information officer for the University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Rural and Community Development, Long designed and implemented the first strategic communications effort for the university’s five rural campuses and Indigenous programs. Her work in

Long has volunteered more than 300 hours to help rural Alaska Native communities share their stories in the news. Her strategic storytelling advocacy and PR counsel helped ensured that Beaver’s Cruikshank School stayed open after losing state funding in December 2015. A year later, she arranged for the New York Times  to share the community’s story. She also helped Allakaket take a public no tolerance stand against methamphetamine in their community. She co-presented at the 20 First Alaskans Elders and Youth Conference’s plenary session. Long also writes for First Alaskans magazine.


About Leona Long

"I appreciate that you put your heart and deep consideration into your work." 
~ Reference letter available upon request

What Clients Say

"Her work has always exceeded my expectations.... Leona is easy to work with and is always motivated to get the job done, often times under short notice. She would be a huge asset to any company lucky enough to hire her on as an employee."
~ Reference letter available upon request
"You work tirelessly and I know you are pitching me all the time. What you do is so hard and you make it look so easy. I'm really blessed to have you as part of the team."
~ Reference letter available upon request

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"Leona has consistently shown an excellent  ability to think independently and has proven herself  to be a good problem-solver with the commitment to carry through and succeed in all that she does."
~ Reference letter available upon request

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers." ~ Daniel J. Boorstin